MaryPhelan/oil paintings
The Work & Upcoming Exhibits

My hometown with its compact bungalows and small factories was a place I wandered for hours as a child, projecting myself into every yard and open window. Now years later I am still intrigued by interrupted views and hidden spaces, geometric rhythms, and the tactile comfort of brick, concrete, mud, and grass. This world that we build around ourselves and think of as ordinary--our neighborhood, the place we call home--is full of the most extraordinary meaning, and therefore beauty. I attempt to capture that in the work I do.

There is an underlying context in each painting that is informed by the Asian principles of Feng Shui, an interest I've had for many years. Once I find a subject that intrigues me I use my familiarity with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching to dig deeper into meaning. While the paintings can certainly be appreciated without any references to hexagrams, I've included that information for anyone who might be interested. The particular hexagram can be thought of as providing the character around which the work developed.

Other paintings on this site include landscapes inspired by travels in Ireland and France, and most recently New England. Also included are earlier collages that eventually, through exploration of spatial and atmosheric effects, led to this work.

Current exhibits:
Red 2016 Show My work received one of two Honorable Mentions in this international online exhibit.
Feb.1 - Feb.29

Upcoming exhibits:

I'm excited to announce that I will be participating in a joint exhibit with well-known rural landscape artist Eldridge Bagley, to be presented at the Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, Ohio, in the fall of 2018.