MaryPhelan/oil paintings
The mystery of interrupted views and hidden spaces, the tactile comfort of brick, concrete, mud, and grass, the joy of geometric rhythms, are part of the intrigue of the outdoors for any young child. For me, that sense of wonder stuck. My hometown, with its compact bungalows and small factories, was a place I wandered for hours, projecting myself into every yard and open window.

Now, years later, I continue to be fascinated by the world we build around ourselves - our neighborhood, the place we call home. It is this most ordinary world that for me contains the truest poetry, and the deepest meaning.

There is an underlying context in each work, informed by the Asian principles of Feng Shui, an interest I've had for many years.. While the paintings can certainly be appreciated without it, for those with knowledge of the I Ching, I've included the particular hexagram for each work. This hexagram can be thoiught of as providing the character around which the work developed.

Other paintings on this site include landscapes inspired by travels in Ireland and France. I recently added a page of earlier collages that began as an attempt to explore spatial and atmosheric effects with the reworking of original etchings, but which led to more ideas related to landscape and eventually this work.

Upcoming venue:
Winter Members' Show, EAG Gallery, Elmhurst Museum of Art, Elmhurst, IL